When we start to age our skin loses collagen which causes skin elasticity to reduce. As a result, we get wrinkles and pores become more noticeable. Laser skin tightening work by stimulating collagen, which repairs support beneath the surface to firm and tighten the skin. Our non-invasive laser skin tightening system triggers the skin's natural healing activity, which remodels collagen and produces skin tightening results.
We use an ideal solution for tightening sagging skin on your face, neck, abdomen and buttocks. We treat skin with Candela’s GentleYAG systems.
This laser treatment helps other conditions like uneven skin tone, acne and acne scars. Men and women of all skin types may choose to undergo laser skin tightening procedures, as they suggest extremely safe, non-invasive way to tighten sagging skin with no downtime. Ideal results require 6 treatments about 4 weeks apart. It takes 1 or 2 treatment for 
skin to start tightening. Further results occur in the next few months and after the last session
, it would approximately last about 7 years.

    What Candela GentleYAG system does?

  • Reduces the size of pores

  • Smoothens out fine lines and wrinkle

  • Tones by stimulating collagen re-growth

  • Reduces redness 








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