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Laser for Ingrown Hair & Beard Bumps


About Ingrown Hair & Beard Bumps

One of the most annoying issues that both men and women deal with is ingrown hairs, also known as pseudofolliculitis or razor bumps. They are unsightly and painful. Tweezing, waxing, threading, and electrolysis can all lead to ingrown hairs and make them worse. People with darker skin may notice ingrown hairs more than those with lighter skin. However, getting professional treatment is your best option if you have ingrown pubic hair, underarm ingrown hair, or facial ingrown hair. an inhibitor of ingrown hairs. By effectively making waxing and shaving obsolete, this innovative method of pubic hair removal greatly lowers the likelihood of future ingrown hairs. To improve their skin and avoid the daily annoyance of shaving, many men are choosing beard laser hair removal procedures, just like many women do.

- Swollen bumps appear around hair follicles, sometimes filled with pus inside.
- Itchiness, redness and rash
- The affected area is burning or stinging
- A skin darkening on the surrounding skin area due to inflammation
- Skin hyperpigmentation
- Visually seen hair trapped under the top layer of the skin.

How do we treat?
Our lasers Gentlemax PRO™ from Candela are used to safely and effectively treat ingrown hairs on all skin types.​ During the treatment a pulse of light is targeted into a hair follicle to zap out ingrown hairs which prevents hair regrowth into the skin or out of the skin.​ This is the only method to treat ingrown hairs which is FDA-approved.

Common Questions

How many treatments are necessary?
You must shave 24 hours prior to treatment.
How do I prepare for laser hair removal?
Is it permanent?